Head of School

BS Elementary Education, Reading Endorsement

Graceland University,  Lamoni, IA

Tara began her teaching career in a second grade classroom at Point Elementary in St. Louis,  MO. After just one year, she moved to Marion and was hired by Marion Unit 2 to teach first grade at Longfellow Elementary. Then, she was transferred to teach first grade at Washington Elementary. Finally, she was transferred to Lincoln Elementary to teach first grade and eventually fourth grade. She particularly enjoyed directing the 4th and 5th grade choir. Looking back on the past, Tara appreciates how God gave her peace during each of these job transfers and she can see how God put many wonderful teacher-mentors in her life!

After seven years in public schools, Tara resigned to be a stay-at-home mother. She had the opportunity to reflect on educational philosophies. A friend introduced her to Charlotte Mason and after much study and debate, she is convinced that Charlotte Mason's methods of education are unparalleled. This method of educating is not only the most natural (using methods that consider how God made us to learn), but the most "life-giving." Ambleside students will be able to read to know, and even better - they will want to pick up the book!  

After homeschooling for 5 years using Charlotte Mason's methods, Tara is excited to teach at Ambleside School of Marion. Ambleside Schools International provides wonderful training opportunities and a support system that will ensure Ambleside School of Marion has a great first year!  She is looking forward to implementing the habit training program and watching the students grow in 15 different habits. She is also looking forward to teaching the inspirational subjects such as picture study (develops habit of observation), composer study, poetry, nature study, etc. Tara believes Ambleside School of Marion will be a blessing to the community and she's excited to be a part of the Ambleside community!


1409 Broeking Rd
Marion, Illinois 62959