Bible —  During the month of March, we will be reading back and forth between the Old and the New Testaments.  The stories we will be learning about are  “Joseph’s Dreams Come True”, “Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt”, “Peter and John in Prison” and “Sharing in the Early Church”. 

Composer Study — We are learning about the life, through stories, of Johannes Brahms. Currently they are learning about Brahm’s life as an adolescent and how he is growing as a musician. 

Tales and Fables — We are reading from Aesop’s Fables. Students are learning about our author, Aesop, what fables are, and why he told these stories. We will be reading “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse”, “The Ant and the Grasshopper” and “The Stag and his Antlers.” 

Literature — Currently we are reading the story Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey (a well known author in our class). 

Spelling/Phonics — Kindergarten is currently reading and enjoying their book, Scamp and Tramp. We are continuing to practice short vowel sounds in their reading words. Kindergarten has added multi letter phonograms to their daily spelling practice. Kindergarten is continuing to practice mastering the speed of accuracy of their letter arcs. 

1st grade has almost completed their Sounds of the Sea book and will soon begin the series of Billy and Blaze. The phonogram load has increased substantially, therefore we are practicing daily how to apply these phonograms along with spelling rules to words. 

Picture Study — The students are learning about Fra Angelico. “Fra Angelico was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance, described by Vasari in his Lives of the Artists as having ‘a rare and perfect talent’. He earned his reputation primarily for the series of frescoes he made for his own friary, San Marco, in Florence.” 

Poetry — We continue to learn poems out of the book Anthology of Children’s Poetry.  They are learning how to recognize patterns in poems, recognizing the rhyming words, and thinking critically about the thoughts of the authors and the possible idea portrayal of their poems. 

Read Aloud — We have begun reading the story of Pinnochio. The students are finding much joy in the adventure of the little puppets’ life. 

Handwork — We are finishing up our beautiful work on our potholders. 

Math — Kindergarten: Addition and subtraction

1st grade: Numbers to 120, tens and ones, count past 100, estimation, order of numbers, comparing numbers, addition within 100 and subtraction within 100.

History — We delight weekly in learning about the incredible life of George Washington Carver. Currently we are journeying through his life as a child:  his encounters and lessons learned along the way. 

Art — We will finish our ABC art with I for Iris using oil pastels and watercolors. We will begin a lizard drawing with oil pastels and watercolors.

Spanish — I wash my hands / Me lavo las manos (Series), “Zunzun” (Song), “Los Sapitos” (Recitation)

Music — Whole note, whole rest and rhythm patterns

Physical Conditioning — Days are slowly beginning to get warmer; more fresh air and vitamin D in our future! Lots of free running play will be had to exercise not only the body but the creative mind as well! 

Nature Study — We will learn about the oak tree, skinks and salamanders in Illinois.

Important Dates

Monday, March 1st through Friday, March 5th - Early Release, Spring Exams (Kindergarten - 7th grade only)

Monday, March 8th through Friday, March 12th - No School, Spring Break

Tuesday, March 23rd & Thursday, March 25th - Early Release, Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, April 2nd through Monday, April 5th - No School, Easter Break

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