Bible — During the month of May we will be reading stories coming from both The Old Testament and The New Testament. The stories include “Seven are Chosen”, “Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh”, “ Stephen is Stoned”, “Let My People Go”, and many more.

Composer Study — We are continuing to learn about the life, through stories, of Johannes Brahms. Currently they are learning about Brahm’s life as an adolescent and how he is growing as a musician. The students will listen to the composition pieces “Piano Concerto No.1 I Maestoso”, “Piano Concerto No. 1 II Adagio”, “Piano Concerto No.1 III Rondo. Allegro non troppo”. 

Tales and Fables — During the month of May we will read the tales of “Cinderella”, “The Steadfast Tin Solider”, and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. 

Literature — We are finishing up the story “Time of Wonder” and will be moving on to the book “Water Dance”. 

Spelling/Phonics — Kindergarten is continuing to read and enjoy their book, Scamp and Tramp. We are currently learning how to identify and apply consonant blends. Kindergarten has nearly mastered their newest multi-letter phonograms and will continue to build on those skills. 

1st grade works daily on mastering their phonograms in order to help with spelling and reading skills. They are currently into their second “Billy and Blaze” reader. Weekly, they are building on their spelling skills through their dictation passages. 

Picture Study — The students are learning about Fra Angelico. “Fra Angelico was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance, described by Vasari in his Lives of the Artists as having ‘a rare and perfect talent’. He earned his reputation primarily for the series of frescoes he made for his own friary, San Marco, in Florence.” The students will recreate a small piece from Angelico’s “Nativity” painting. 

Poetry —  We continue to learn poems out of the book Anthology of Children’s Poetry.  The students are learning how to recognize patterns in poems, recognizing the rhyming words, and thinking critically about the thoughts of the authors and the possible idea portrayal of their poems. In the month of May, the students will study the poems “To the Sun Door”, “Sing a Song of Buttercups”, “The Bird’s Nest”, and “Who Likes the Rain?” 

Read Aloud — We are currently deep in our story of Pinocchio. The students are enjoying the mischief that the puppet encounters while also learning valuable life lessons about honesty and considering the feelings of others. 

Handwork — Students are finishing up potholders from earlier in the semester and will also be revisiting the skill of shoe tying. 

Math — Kindergarten:  Money, school year math review, and mental math practice

1st:  school year math review and mental math practice

History — We delight weekly in learning about the incredible life of George Washington Carver. We have recently learned about how George was successfully accepted to college and how he made it through. Currently we are learning of the many successes and inventions of Mr. Carver. 

Art — We will finish our palm tree piece with chalk pastels and complete a Picasso inspired “Mains aux Fleurs.”

Spanish — I get ready for bed / Me apronto para irme a dormir (Cont.), set the table, please / Pon la mesa, por favor (Series) and “Caballito Blanco” (Song)

Music — Eighth note, solfege: So, Mi and rhythm patterns

Physical Conditioning — Days are even warmer; more fresh air and vitamin D!  Lots of free running play will be had to exercise not only the body but the creative mind as well! We recently added jump ropes to our outdoor cardiovascular play.

Nature Study — We will learn about bees from Jess Will, Mrs. Midgett will teach us about mushrooms, and we will finish the year with a nature craft at the pavilion.

Important Dates

Friday, May 7th - All School Lunch (Cancelled)

Friday, May 7th - K/1 Field Trip

Friday, May 21st - Early Release

Thursday, May 27th - Shakespeare Festival (Facebook Event)

Thursday, May 27th - Last Day of School - Early Release (Pending any additional use of emergency days)

Friday, June 4th - Reports of Growth Mailed