Bible —  The students will be learning the stories “The Woman at the Well”, “Esau Sells His birthright”, “Jesus Heals the Nobleman’s Son”, “Issac Blesses Jacob” and “Jacob’s Dream”

Composer Study — K-3 is studying the compositions and life of George Frideric Handel.  “Handel at the Court of Kings” is the compilation of compositions that the students have been listening to every week. The students have been and will continue to learn new vocabulary as it relates to music. 

Tales and Fables — We are continuing the Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit

Literature — We will be reading The Velveteen Rabbit. 

Spelling/Phonics — Kindergarten will continue to read Fun in the Sun while also continuing to master their phonograms and spelling rules. First grade will finish reading On the Trail and will begin reading Sounds of the Sea. First grade is continuing to master and add to their list of phonograms and spelling rules. 

Picture Study — Review paintings by Edourd Manet. Recreate a portion of one of Manet’s paintings with water colors. 

Poetry — K-3 will learn the poems A Christmas Carol by G.K. Chesterton and Christmas Day by George MacDonald

Read Aloud — The books we will be reading and alternating between daily are Three Young Pilgrims, Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving, Homer Price, and Parables of Nature. 

Handwork — We have been waiting anxiously for our shoe tying materials so we will be moving forward with spending time on that skill. The students will also be designing an ornament for a classroom Christmas tree. 

Math — Kindergarten - Comparing numbers: same, more, less; numbers to 20; number Bonds. First grade — Weight: comparing weight, measuring weight. Comparing numbers, comparison by subtraction, graphs, picture graphs

History — Complete the book Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims. Create a history illustration to go along with reading in one of our purple copybook assignments. 

Art — Kindergarten/1st will paint a Nutcracker themed tonal winter scene using acrylic paint for the background and markers for the characters. 

Art - Fourth-Seventh will begin a self-portrait called, “The eyes are the window to the soul - a sign of the times.”

Spanish — I write on the Board / Escribo en la pizarra (Series), I count / Cuento (Series), "Los Numeros” (Song), “Dichosa Tierra Proclamad” (Hymn)

Music - “Joy To The World” (Hymn), quarter note, quarter rest, rhythm patterns

Physical Conditioning — The students love to go out for their daily runs. They are all building stamina and even getting faster. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are circuit PE days. Tuesday and Thursday are game days where the students get to play a game that involves cardiovascular work. 

Nature Study — We will learn about cone bearing evergreens and about the eleven Illinois hibernating animals.

Important Dates

Friday, December 4th - All School Lunch (CANCELLED)

Thursday, December 10th - Etiquette Class for K - 7th

Thursday, December 17th - Christmas Candlelight Service 5:30 p.m.

Friday, December 18th - Early Release at 11:00 a.m., Teacher In-Service

Monday, December 21st - Friday, January 1st - No School, Christmas Break

Monday, January 4th - No School, Teacher In-Service

Tuesday, January 5th - School Resumes

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