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In the 6th Grade Classroom

Specific Math Skills

  • Graphs

  • Pie Charts

  • Comprehensive Review

  • Volume


  • Bible — Matthew 6-Matthew 7

  • Citizenship — The Art of Virtue: Benjamin Franklin’s Formula for Successful Living

  • Composer Study — Claude Debussy’s La Mer, symphonic sketches for orchestra, Estampes, for piano, L’isle Joyeues, for piano

  • Literature — The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

  • Picture Study — Pissarro’s The Boulevard Montmartre at Night (1897), Cezanne’s Landscape at Aix (Mont Sainte Victoire) (1904)

  • Poetry — Walt Whitman, selected poems

  • Read Aloud — The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

  • Geography — Learning Mexico’s state and capital city names, their locations and drawing them on a map of the country. Learning about the physical geography of Mexico.

  • Grammar — Agreement in sentences with compound subjects, active and passive voice and forming the principle parts of regular and irregular verbs

  • Composition — Continued study of clarity in writing and writing of well-organized, interesting paragraphs

  • Handwork — Weaving

  • History — The Struggle for Sea Power and The Growth of the British Empire by M.B. Synge

  • Science — Botany: Vascular Plants such as Horsetails, Club Mosses, Ferns, and Conifers. Learn about the types and importance of soil. Plant seeds in different types of soil and chart their growth weekly. Propagate aloe offshoots from a mature aloe plant.

  • Art — We will continue working on our Native American drawing. We will learn about shade and value and use pencils to create a monochromatic piece.

  • Music — Students will learn songs for the Shakespeare festival and learn to play a recorder.

  • Spanish — Family members, "I hug my grandmother/Abrazo a mi abuela” series, "La Familia" song, “Un elefante” song, “Padre Nuestro/The Lord's Prayer” recitation. "The chair/La silla" series.

  • Physical Conditioning — Students will be learning the basic skills of basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense.

  • Nature Study — Students will study fungi, moss, lichen, and earthworms.

Memory Work

  • I Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman, Matthew 5: 2-11


  • “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence” ― Abigail Adams

Vocabulary your child has been introduced to through text

  • parlous, pallid, coquetry, harangue, gratis, superfluities, extracts, Socratic dialogue, vicious, libelling, detraction, altercation, manifest, scruple, malice, augmenting, animosity, scurrilous, pernicious, injurious, cytokinins, shunted, exude, lignin, comprise, array, flourished, hallowed, anoint, edifices, arriere, unprecedented, audacious, turbulent, aborigines, harbinger, affettuoso, dolce

Important Dates

  • Monday, March 2nd - Friday, March 6th — Spring Exams - Early release at 11 a.m. (Grades 1st-8th only)

  • Monday, March 9th - Friday, March 13th — No School - Spring Break

  • Tuesday, March 17th - Early Release at 11 a.m. — *Parent/Teacher Conferences

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