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In the 5th Grade Classroom

Specific Math Skills:


  • Finding the average

  • Finding the average of a set of data when given compound units

  • Solving word problems involving average


  • Finding the total quantity when given rate relationships

  • Drawing line diagrams for rate problems

  • Solving word problems involving rate


  • Bible — Students will be studying the early life of Jesus.

  • Citizenship — Ethics: An Early American Handbook by Jacob Abbot

  • Composer Study — Enjoying the works of Antonin Dvorak

  • Literature — The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

  • Spelling/Phonics — Understanding how words are spelled through the use of phonemes and spelling rules

  • Physical Conditioning — Students will be learning the basic skills of basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense. We will be learning the rules of the game and other fun games that can be played with a basketball.

  • Picture Study — Studying the works of Rembrandt van Rijn

  • Poetry — The works of William Wordsworth

  • Read Aloud — Starting our study of the Elizabethan Period in preparation for Shakespeare Festival.

  • Geography — Recreating a map of the Southern and Eastern countries of Europe.

  • Grammar — Students will be studying verbs this month. (Action, Linking, Helping, and Being)

  • Composition — Learning to self-edit paragraphs using rubrics.

  • Handwork — The class will be learning the art of Calligraphy.

  • History — U.S. History: The Struggle for Liberty in America; World History: The Struggle for Sea Power.

  • Music — Students will also learn to play a recorder.

  • Nature Study — Students will learn environmental navigation and how to build a fire.

  • Science — In Climatology, we will be learning about how storms are produced and how other atmospheric phenomena occur.

  • Spanish — Family members, "I hug my grandmother/Abrazo a mi abuela” series, "La Familia" song, “Un elefante” song, “Padre Nuestro/The Lord's Prayer” recitation. "The chair/La silla" series.

  • Art —We will finish our drawing of Matryoshka dolls using pencils and markers on black paper. We will also learn about Paul Klee, using chalk pastels to make a larger than life “Klee cat” and begin a Native American drawing.

Memory Work:

  • Books of the Bible in order

  • Definition of Purity

  • Fruits of the Spirit


  • Sportsmanship

Vocabulary your child has been introduced to through text:

  • Orders, Class, Families, and Groups as scientific naming methods.Taxonomy, sextant, zeal, hospitality, and justice, benevolence, malice, conscientiousness, climate, atmosphere, barometer, dew point, precipitation, ‘Oros (Greek for mountain), betwixt, cudgel, flaxen, coronation, pragmatic sanction, melancholy, clime.

Important Dates

  • Monday, March 2nd - Friday, March 6th — Spring Exams - Early release at 11 a.m. (Grades 1st-8th only)

  • Monday, March 9th - Friday, March 13th — No School - Spring Break

  • Tuesday, March 17th - Early Release at 11 a.m. — *Parent/Teacher Conferences

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