February Lunch Menu

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In the 1st Grade Classroom

Specific Math Skills

  • Numbers to 100

  • Count within 100 by making tens

  • Read and write number-symbols and number words

  • Tell how many tens ones make up a given 2-digit number

  • Addition within 100

  • Add a 2 -digit number and a 1 digit number, without renaming

  • Add a 2 digit number and 1-digit number, with renaming


  • Bible — Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Judges, and Joshua

  • Composer Study — Our second term composer is Ludwig Van Beethoven. We are learning about Beethoven’s life and will listen to “Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Minor,” and “fate.”

  • Tales and Fables — We are reading Chapters 10 through 12 of The Princess and the Goblin.

  • Reading — On the Trail (Vowel Diagraphs) and We All Can Read fluency sentences

  • Spelling/Phonics —Review wr ng, gn, kn, tch, ar, er, ir, ur, or, wor, ear, ai, ee, oa, ui, and learn oa, oe, ew, ei, ou, ow, au, aw, augh, eigh, ough, oo, es, bu, and gu.

  • Picture Study — Our second term artist is Claude Monet. We will learn about the life of Monet and study some of his pieces, Peaches and Self Portrait with a Beret.

  • Poetry — We will begin second term by studying William Blake. We are learning about William Blake’s life and will read “The Tyger,” “To See,” and “The Piper.”

  • Read Aloud — Treasures in the Snow

  • Handwork — We are enjoying making our puppets and reading our lines for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe puppet show.

  • History — We are reading about George Washington Carver during second term. George is headed off to school on his own. We will see how he navigates the world alone as a young black boy after the Civil War.

  • Art — We will continue working on our Native American drawing, using markers and watercolor.

  • Spanish — Family members, "I hug my grandmother/Abrazo a mi abuela” series, "La Familia" song, “Un elefante” song, “Padre Nuestro/The Lord's Prayer” recitation.

  • Music — Students will learn folk songs, practice in-tune singing, high-low and loud-soft. They will learn to get a feeling for the beat and accent in duple meter. They will also identify rhythm patterns of familiar songs.

  • Physical Conditioning — Students will continue learning bouncing skills using a basketball.

  • Nature Study — Students will study fungi, moss, lichen, and earthworms.

Memory Work

  • The Song of the Shepherd's Purse FairySonnet 18 by William Shakespeare


  • Song of Solomon 2:11-12 For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

Vocabulary your child has been introduced to through text

  • dreadful

  • heedful

  • indignantly

  • asunder

  • scurried

  • enmity

  • verse

  • tone

  • forbid

  • resurrected

  • decaying

  • inherit

  • immortal

  • sinews

Important Dates

  • Monday, March 2nd- Friday, March 6th - Spring Exams - Early release at 11 a.m. (Grades 1st-8th only)

  • Monday, March 9th - Friday, March 13th No School - Spring Break

  • Tuesday, March 17th Early Release at 11 a.m.- *Parent/Teacher Conferences

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