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It is the mission of the Ambleside administration and faculty to provide a “living education,”
where each child is guided and empowered to author a full and free life, a life rich in relationship
to God, self, others, ideas, and all of creation. Thus, our primary concern is the kind of student
each child is becoming, not the mastery of particular data or technique, for we are confident that
the student who masters the art of learning will attain his full potential for mastering data and
technique. Students who master the art of relating well to God, self, others, ideas, and creation
will attain the fullness of life for which they were created. Such an education will conform to
Ambleside’s Fundamental Pedagogical Convictions, the Ambleside Commitment, Ambleside’s
Statement of Faith (the Nicene Creed and the Ambleside Charter), and the Ambleside Code of
Personal Conduct.

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