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Spanish Teacher 

Marcela is originally from Monterrey, México, an industrial city with over four million people including its metro area. This city is located 2 hours away from Laredo, TX. She was raised in a Christian home from birth and she attended and served God along with her family in the same church until she moved to live in the U.S. Marcela grew up loving music (a big passion in her family).

From a very early age, she started her journey with music by taking piano lessons. She was involved in the children's choir at her church and she was also part of her school's choir. She says that from those days and on, there has not been a stage in her life where music has not been involved. At the age of 12, Marcela's piano teacher saw that Marcela had teaching skills and Marcela was invited to become the music teacher for three and four-year-old children at the music academy where she also studied. This was a job offered to help her develop more music teaching skills.

Marcela comes from a family with many generations of teachers and although she pursued a different career, she has loved being able to teach from a very early age. She's not stopped teaching music until this very day, and in some stages when she has had a different job, she has kept teaching private piano lessons as a side job. There is no doubt that teaching, just like music, is a big passion in her life.

In Monterrey while growing up, she was involved in the praise and worship team. Later, she became the choir director for her church.

Marcela pursued a career in Industrial Engineering and worked for manufacturing companies in their manufacturing and quality control areas.

Two years before moving to the U.S., she opened a small music academy where she taught voice and piano.

In 2009, she married her husband and moved to Marion. They have been members of First Baptist Church in Marion for over nine years where they actively serve God. In 2015, God blessed and completed their family with the birth of a son.

Marcela has enjoyed being the Spanish teacher at Ambleside School of Marion from the first year the school opened. She looks forward to having the opportunity to help and work in other areas as well this year. She believes wholeheartedly that God has brought this school, and everyone involved in it with a special purpose born in God's heart. She feels honored to have been called to serve God and others through this school in such a time as this.

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