Ambleside School of Marion offers a peaceful learning environment for all of our children. Each of them, from Pre-K to 5th grade, genuinely look forward to school each day. They are able to learn in a stress free, enjoyable, Christ-centered atmosphere, where only high quality materials are used. There is no busy work and no unnecessary homework infringing upon our family time. After school, they engage in lively conversations of all that they learned and we are continually amazed at their retention of the material. We’ve seen our Kindergartner’s vocabulary explode from being exposed to well written literature. Our 4th and 5th graders are gaining more appreciation for art, music and nature through increased exposure in these subjects. Even our son in Pre-k is quoting passages of scripture and learning Spanish! The standards set by Ambleside are high, but we continue to see our children rise to the challenges set before them. We also love the focus on habit forming and the goal of developing the child as a whole. Most importantly, we know when we send our children to school, all the values and expectations we have in our family are being perfectly complemented and reinforced. This gives us great peace!

- Sarah Lawler

Our daughter Ivy started Kindergarten at Ambleside School of Marion in the fall of 2018. It was not an easy decision to make when we chose to send her to Ambleside. At least, it wasn’t easy for me. You see, we are a blended family with Ivy being the youngest. I had homeschooled our older children who were at that time 21, 19, and 17, and our middle children who were 13 and 14 had attended public school. Sending a child to Kindergarten anywhere was brand new to me and I was filled with anxiety about letting go of my baby and entrusting her to people I did not know.

There were many sleepless nights as I personally wrestled with this, but God gave me a peace that He was in control. What we discovered in the first few weeks at Ambleside was a blessing. Our Ivy thrived and flourished with teachers who showed her love and shared the love of God with her. She developed friendships that are precious to her. We saw that the faith we held and the beliefs we clung to were being instilled and taught to her at school.

For her, learning was exciting. The things she began learning were presented in a relaxed yet disciplined way that we had not been seeing in our kids at the public schools. Even though our public schooled children were much older, and we realized that they were being exposed to things our Kindergartener might not be, they were coming home filled with anxiety over their school work, angry teachers, bullies, kids who were vaping/smoking/cussing/sexting/cutting, and more. We wanted a different start and a different environment for Ivy.

From Ambleside, Ivy was bringing home Spanish words and phrases, stories about Marie Antoinette and other historical figures, Bible stories, tales about teachers praying and sharing their faith, and stories about feeling valued by the adults at her school.

For myself and my husband, the most important thing that our family has gotten from our first year at Ambleside is spiritual. Reading, writing, math and science are wonderful, but for a family of faith, the salvation of our children is much more important. Ivy began asking questions about sin and “dirty hearts” – things she had been hearing about at school. We had discussions about how our hearts are dirty because of sin and how Jesus cleans up those dirty hearts and forgives our sins. After several conversations, Ivy showed that she understood (in a 6-year-old’s understanding and terms) what sin was and that Jesus was the forgiveness for that sin. One night, she prayed and asked Jesus to forgive her for her dirty heart and give her a clean heart.

THIS is why we chose Christian education. People have asked why we choose to pay the tuition when we could send her to public school for free. It has been a sacrifice financially, but we have gladly made it because we see the benefit and fruit that is growing from the seeds that are being planted. We trust that what is being sown into her now will not be in vain and that God will honor it – and we have seen Him provide month after month for our financial needs. The things of this earth are temporal, but the salvation of our children is of eternal value and for that, we are thankful that God led us to Ambleside School of Marion.

- Tammy Samples

Ambleside School of Marion is truly an answer to my prayers. Being a first time Mom, and a stay at home Mother, the thought of school can be so intimidating when it comes to our babies. We all, as parents, want what is best for our children. My son was four years old and we decided it would be good to give him some interaction with others his age and prepare him for Kindergarten. That alone is a scary thought, as we were still undecided on home schooling, public school, private school, etc.. We did a lot of research and listed pros and cons to all the options available to us. I prayed about it, and about a week later, we saw on the news of a new school coming to Marion. I picked up the phone and started researching with many questions. After talking a lot with the staff and teachers, answering our, what seemed like a thousand questions, we made a decision to try out Pre-K as a "trial run," with Ambleside School of Marion. Our so called, "trial run," has blessed our son and us as well, beyond measure. The amount of information and things he has learned in the short amount of time being there is incredible. My son, now five years old, can speak more Spanish than I did taking Spanish classes in High School. He has so much respect for others, shows responsibility, is the first to lend a helping hand, can problem solve, not afraid of taking on new tasks, and is always telling me, "Hey Mom, did you know..." The staff and teachers of Ambleside School of Marion are also exceptional. They all work as a team and go above and beyond, all for the goodness of the children. They spend a lot of time with each individual child and their specific interests, needs, and wants. I remember as a child, when I went to school, of always being timid of the older children. That is not the case at Ambleside School of Marion. You can walk in at any given time, and see an upper class student trying to help a Pre-K student to tie their shoes, or help them with their backpack. It is such a loving school with the main focus of raising up our children to go out into the world to be successful, confident, and always ready for a new challenge to take on with a positive attitude. We have now decided to send our son to Kindergarten in the fall at Ambleside School of Marion. That nervousness we once had before, has now turned into excitement to see what new things and adventures our son will learn and take with him in life. We have been so blessed by Ambleside School of Marion, and we thank you for loving on our son, and teaching him how to show his full potential. 

- Brittany Kingston