6th - 8th Grade Part-Time

B.A. in General Studies (Fields of concentration: Communication/ Management/Psychology)

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

M.A. in English as a Second Language

University of North Texas

A former public school educator and teacher of English as a second language at the university level, Andrea was pleased to join the faculty of Ambleside of Marion this past school year. She served as Ambleside’s K-2 teacher in 2018-19, and is looking forward to teaching both lower and upper level students this 2019-20 school year, as she teaches students in second, fifth, sixth, and eighth grades.

Prior to joining the faculty of Ambleside of Marion, Andrea spent six years as an educator in our public schools, working first as a substitute teacher and then as a teacher’s assistant for both Marion CUSD2 and Williamson County Education Services. She worked in both general education and resource classrooms. At the Intensive English Language Institute of the University of North Texas, Andrea taught English grammar, writing, and communication skills to prospective college students for whom English was a second language. She has also managed a small publishing department and provided in-home childcare for friends and family.

Andrea and Mark Wallace and their three children moved from north Texas to this beautiful natural area in 2007. Embracing the awesome responsibility of being the mother of three children, partner to her husband, Mark, active member and elder of her church, and now a teacher at Ambleside, Andrea strives to continue to learn and grow as an individual and as a teacher. She is incredibly excited to be a part of Ambleside of Marion. This past school year Andrea has witnessed how Ambleside’s method of teaching helps learners to become stronger, kinder, and even harder-working individuals, persons who are growing in their desire to give back to others. She has seen the power of Charlotte Mason’s method as it helps teacher and student alike to grow in their approach to work and to deeply appreciate this world, the people, and the ideas around us. She has been amazed at the depth of understanding of her very young students and at their desire to latch on to beautiful ideas. Andrea is confident that Ambleside students will become lifelong learners, will truly see beauty in the world around them, and will be positive contributors to this world.


1409 Broeking Rd
Marion, Illinois 62959