Bible —  Learning from our Holman Bible Atlas and correlating it with where Jesus traveled and taught throughout his lifetime.

Science — Amphibians, reptiles and their habitats.

Transcription — Transcribing various Bible verses as well as pieces from poetry.

Handwriting — Learning cursive and script, students are now writing narrations in cursive script.

Grammar — Learning to break down the parts of a sentence and understanding adjectives, adverbs and pronouns.

Composition — Learning to write in essay form as well as writing letters in correct form.

Geography — Learning about countries throughout Europe.

Composer Study — Antonin Dvor’ak introduction to his musical pieces.

Picture Study — John James Audubon biography and his Birds of America collection.

Poetry — Robert Frost’s poem breakdowns.

Read Aloud — We will be reading our Shakespeare play the Twelfth Night.

Handwork — Handwork for this month will be calligraphy.

Math — 5th Grade Math:  Learning how to create tessellations and beginning extra practice and review.

4th Grade Math:  Review for the year. Extra practice on various concepts.

History — Learning how the Virginian Colony was saved after the passing of Captain John Smith and seeing Pocahontas’s adventure into Europe.

Art — Georgia O’Keeffe recreations.

Citizenship — Understanding our duties to God and how that is relevant to our relationship with others.

Spanish — School year review, “Caballito Blanco” (Song)

Music —Eighth note, eighth rest, Solfege: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, rhythm patterns

Physical Conditioning — Learning to properly warm up, jogging and sprints, volleyball and flag-tag.

Nature Study —We will learn about the Quercus (known as the oak tree), Setaria Italica (known as green or yellow Foxtail) and Pokeweed.

Important Dates

Friday, May 7th - Field Trip

Friday, May 7th - All School Lunch (Cancelled)

Friday, May 21st - Early Release

Monday, May 24th - Shakespeare Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, May 27th - Shakespeare Festival (Facebook Event)

Thursday, May 27th - Last Day of School - Early Release (Pending any additional use of emergency days)

Friday, June 4th - Reports of Growth Mailed