Bible —  Learning in the Old Testament about: Creation of the World, Creation of Man and Woman, The Fall of Man, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Flood. (Genesis Chapters 1-7)

Science — Learning about the Earth and its core, tectonic plates, seismographs, faults and geography.

Transcription — Transcribing literature of student’s choice as well as Bible verses.

Handwriting — Learning cursive and script, students will soon write narrations in cursive script.

Grammar — Learning to identify nouns, proper nouns, as well as nouns in singular and plural form.

Composition — Learning to write in essay form as well as writing letters in correct form. Students will compose a written narration of their literature and read aloud (Little Women).

Geography — Learning to identify continents, properly use a map as well as a compass.

Composer Study — Aaron Copeland (Biography) pieces for this month include: Piano Variations, El Salon Mexico, Quiet City, Billy the Kid, Fanfare for the Common Man.

Literature —  Reading and narrating Little Britches.

Picture Study — Fra Angelico (Biography) pieces for this month include:  The Nativity (1441), The Crucifiction (1423), King David Playing a Psaltery (1430).

Poetry — William Wordsworth (Biography) favorite poems, elements of poetry include: Image, Rhyme Scheme, Assonance, Dictation, Allegory, Alliteration.

Read Aloud — Reading together and narrating Little Women.

Handwork — Handwork for this month will be mosaics.

Math — Chapters 1 and 2, learning numbers to 1,000,000, approximation and estimation, number lines, multiplication up to four digit numbers, order of operations. (6th and 7th graders will begin online learning in September)

History — Chapters 45-50 of This Country of Ours, Discovering the Mississippi, French and Indian War.

Art — Students will create an abstract piece using markers. We will then move on to a desert piece with chalk pastels.

Citizenship — Learning the importance of truthfulness and obedience.

Spanish — I Open the Book/Abro El Libro, I Write/Escribo (Series), I Open the Door of my Room (Series) , Rima (Rhyme), La Vido Del Arbol (Rhyme), “Martinillo” (Song), “Los Pollitos Dicen”, “En Elefante”, The Lord’s Prayer (Recitation).

Music — Loud/Soft, Fast/Slow, Timbre, Long/Short, Beat, Accent, Phrase, Form, Melody, Breathing Techniques, “God Bless America”, “This Land is Your Land”.

Physical Conditioning — Learning to properly warm up, Wiffle Ball, Running, Soccer and Volleyball.

Nature Study —  We will learn about the Sassafras tree, Setaria Italica (known as foxtail or bristlegrass), and Pokeweed. 

Important Dates

9/7/20 - No School, Labor Day

9/10/20 - Campus Meeting

9/11/20 - Early Dismissal for students 11 a.m.

9/22/20 and 9/24/20 - Early Dismissal for students 11 a.m.      Parent/Teacher Conferences

9/23/20 - See you at the pole

9/30/20 - Picture Day (Chapel dress)

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